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Tree Remo-R Rechargeable Universal Indicator

LW Measurements Tree Remo-R Indicator

Tree Remo-R Rechargeable Universal Indicator

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New Rechargeable Model with 2 Year Warranty and Free Ground Shipping!

LW Measurements REMO Rechargeable Indicator

Universal Model with 5 Wire Connectors to wire into your base. (see pictures)

Peak Hold & Remote Interface

15,000 divisions.
Printer ready .
Operating temperature of 32-105 F or 0-40 C.
3 foot long cable.
4 way wires (see photo).
Easily mounted indicator with mounting brackets.
Last hold feature (will hold the displayed weight after animal or package is removed from scale).
Animal weighing
Zero range ± 4% to full capacity
Tare range 50% to full capacity
Open calibration capacity
Power on zero settling range ± 10%
Auto zero track of 0.6 divisions
4 x 350 Ohm load cells
Excellent Indicator for this Economy Price!

Remo Portable Weighing Indicator - fits to any base! You wire it in.

***These units are NOT "Plug and Play". The Indicator does not automatically communicate to the base you are connecting it to. You have to know how to calibrate the load cells to the Indicator. We do NOT offer support on Installation with Indicators. Any Support you need must come from both the manufacturer of the Indicator and the manufacturer of the base you are attaching it to.

***NOT a replacement indicator for the Tree LVS Vet Scale Series. Although they look the same, they are not the same***

Also, if you are replacing a current REMO unit that you have, this model does NOT have Silver connectors. See pictures for connectors. Call for details.


Model Number: Remo-R
General Specifications: Tree Remo-R Rechargeable Universal Indicator