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Radwag THB-2 Environmental Module

Radwag THB-2 Ambient Conditions Environmental Module

Radwag THB-2 Environmental Module

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Email us at for Availability, Shipping Options, and Pricing 

Radwag THB-2 Ambient Conditions Module (Environmental Module) for Micro Balances

Ambient Conditions Sensor THB 2 are measurement instruments designed to work with Radwag Devices such as the Laboratory Balances of the Radwag 3Y Series. Most importantly for use with the 3Y Series of Micro Balances.

The THB 2 Ambient Conditions Module (Environmental Module) is used for measuring temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure directly at the measurement stand.

The impact / affect of environmental parameters can be observed directly on the display of the Micro Balance by touching the assigned icon on the display screen.

On the basis of the information provided by the balance and the software, it also determines air density as an additional parameter to be displayed on the screen.

The Environmental Module is connected with the 3Y Micro Balance via an RS232 interface with allows disconnecting it so that calibrations can be performed.


Temperature Measurement Accuracy: d=0.01°C +/- 0.2°C
Pressure Measurement Range: 850 ÷ 1050 hPa
Pressure Measurement Accuracy: d=0.1 hPa +/- 1hPa
Humidity Measurement Range: 0 ÷ 100%
Humidity Measurement Accuracy: d=0.1% +/- 2%
Operating Temperature: +5 ÷ +45°C
Casing: Plastic
Power Supply: 5V - RS 232
Connection with Micro Balance: RS 232
Weight: 1.65 lbs (0.75 kg)

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Brochure (PDF)

User Manual (PDF)


Model Number: THB-2 Environmental Module
General Specifications: Radwag THB-2 Ambient Conditions Environmental Module