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Radwag DJ-04 & DJ-05 Anti Static Ionizer

Radwag Anti Static Ionizer

Radwag DJ-04 & DJ-05 Anti Static Ionizer

Email us at for Availability, Shipping Options, and Pricing 

Email us at for Availability, Shipping Options, and Pricing 

Radwag DJ-04 & DJ-05 Anti Static Ionizer

Model DJ-05 Compatible with MYA & UYA Series

Model DJ-04 Compatible with XA & AS Series

New with 1 Year Warranty and Free Ground Shipping!

***Special Order item.  Takes about 6 weeks to receive from Manufacturer***

AntiStatic Ionizer used for Removing Static Ions and improving accuracy of Balances. Works with any balance, but is required with MicroBalances for best results.

Here's How it works:

Antistatic ionizer is used to remove overflow of mainly plus
ions, and also minus ions from the load and elements of
balance and environment. Electric charges of air are neutralized what gives quasi-balance of plus and minus ions.

Unbalance of plus and minus ions in the air can cause
unwanted electric influences (attraction or repulsion) of
elements which are in small distances to each other. It is
usual for non-conducting materials (plastic, glass). As some
of balance elements are made of plastic and glass, this
problem can considerably affect their operation. Usually the
influence appears in a form of multiply repeatability error or
as multiply error of indications.

Technical Data:

Distance sample === 5 ÷ 50 cm
Source of ions === stainless steel
Working temperature === 0 ° - +40 °C
Moisture ==== 10 ÷ 80%
Power supply ==== 110/230 V AC / 50 ÷ 60 Hz / 2 W
Net weight ==== 3 kg
Frame dimensions === DJ-04 = 268 L ×110 W ×295 H

Frame dimensions === DJ-05 = 175 L ×110 W ×175 H

***This item is NOT returnable.  It cannot be returned.  It has a 1 year warranty through the manufacturer.  But no returns on this item.***

Brochure (PDF)

User Manual (PDF)


Model Number: Anti Static Ionizer
General Specifications: Radwag Anti Static Ionizer