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Intell-Weigh 10 NTEP Indicator

Intell-Weigh Intelligent Weighing Technology 10 Indicator

Intell-Weigh 10 NTEP Indicator

Intelligent Weighing Balance and Moisture Analyzer Accessories

New with 1 Year Warranty and Free Ground Shipping!

Intell-Weigh 10 Rechargeable NTEP Weighing Indicator

Can be fitted to ANY BASE!

***These units are NOT "Plug and Play". The Indicator does not automatically communicate to the base you are connecting it to. You have to know how to calibrate the load cells to the Indicator. We do NOT offer support on Installation with Indicators. Any Support you need must come from both the manufacturer of the Indicator and the manufacturer of the base you are attaching it to.

Brochure (PDF)


Model Number: Intell10
General Specifications: Intell-Weigh 10 NTEP Indicator