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Radwag Micro and Semi Micro Balances

Microbalances Semi-Micro Balances

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with some really high level testing protocol that required equipment that could test to a level on 1 Micron.  That's incredibly small.  For example, a human hair is about 40 microns wide.  So imagine measuring to only 1 micron.  We used a Radwag MYA 2/2Y.  Here's a link to the manufacturer information:

Here's a link to Nevada Weighing where you can buy this unit in a "package" that provides you all the accessories necessary to insure accuracy - the antivibration table, the anti-static ionizer, the environmental module, the software, etc. - best prices anywhere:

Radwag also have an excellent (and economical ) Semi Micro balance that will weigh as low as 0.01mg (0.00001g).  Incredible.  Here's the link to the manufacturer technical information:

And here's the link to Nevada Weighing for the best prices on these semi-micro balances:


Incredible stuff for such accuracy at such extreme levels.  You can find these items on ebay, or webstore, etc..  Economical yet accurate.  Incredible.

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