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Plastics / Resin Moisture Analyzers at Nevada Weighing

Moisture Analyzers Moisture Balances

In the field of Moisture Analysis, especially in plastics, resins and coatings, and that genre of material, there seems to be an unfounded belief that there are only two manufacturers that provide equipment that can 'handle the job' so to speak.

This is absolutely insane. There are many manufacturers that produce moisture analysis equipment that measures moisture in plastics and resin, etc.

Sartorius is a fine example. Their MA100 model works perfect for this application. Equally, Denver Instruments has a model. Heck, even A&D Weighing has recently introduced a model and Radwag has a model that may apply to certain applications.
Bottom line is that there are more than two players in the game. Check out the models mentioned above.   At Nevada Weighing  They are usually about half the price as the major players and come with much better service after the sale.
Shop around. Find a dealer who carries all of these manufacturers and then have them test your samples across each of the different units available. Then, you decide who works best.
Don't get caught up in the age old monopoly. Be penny wise. Save some cash. Test what I am telling you here. You will be surprised and glad you did.  Remember, has the lowest prices for all your laboratory equipment weighing needs.

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