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Moisture Analyzer with IR Coil which are Glass Free!

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Moisture Analyzers with an IR Coil are still available.  There are units with IR Coil alone and then units with IR Coil encased in protective glass.

For those facilities that need to measure moisture in their products, and they need an instrument that is glass free, there are IR COIL models still available.

IR COIL is a heating method same as the old electric stove top coil.

The Sartorius MA35M, the Ohaus MB23, and the Mettler MJ33.

The Radwag PMC 50NP has an IR Coil inside a glass tubing.

If offers IR Coil heating, but with glass casing which helps to more efficiently quickly raise and lower temperature.

If you have a need for a glass free unit, they are available.  You can compare the various models on our website

You can also call me at 877-825-4308 and we can discuss your application and how to us an IR COIL moisture analyzer.

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