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Analytical Balances need special Environmental Protection

Analytical Balances

I use Analytical Balances in my work.  And when using an analytical balance which measures to 0.1 mg (or 0.0001g) or higher accuracy, there are some things one must do to prepare the area in which you are using the analytical balance in order to insure that the balance is able to give you a truly accurate reading.

First, and foremost, the table you place the balance on must be solid and stable.  I recommend using an AntiVibration table such as the ones we sell at and found at this link: 



Second, is environment.  The environment needs to be calm and serene.  You cannot use an analytical balance in busy, heavy foot traffic, work area that has lots of noise and vibration.  This will affect your results.  This will cause wind drift and vibration that will be "sensed" by the balance and will affect your results.  To assist in resolving this issue, be sure to purchase a balance that has "air buoyancy correction" feature.  One such unit is the Radwag XA /2X Series.

Also, if you have to use an analytical (or any balance) in a busy area, you should have an additional draft shield enclosing the balance.

Third, depending upon your environment, you may need an anti static ionizer.  This Ionizer removes positive and negative ions that affect the performance of the balance.  You can learn more and purchase from Nevada Weighing at this link here:


Fourth, if you are using a printer or connecting to a computer, you will need anti static RS232 cables.  And I would position these components away from the balance and outside of the draft shield and off of the table that the balance is positioned on.

These are just a few of many suggestions to take into consideration when using analytical balances.

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